70% of Americans Don’t Want Biden 2024 as Joe Announces Presidential Run: Poll

As Joe Biden launches his 2024 election campaign, a new poll has revealed that 70% of Americans don’t want him to run for president again.

On Tuesday, Biden announced that he would be running again for president in 2024, claiming that “MAGA extremists” were “lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms” of Americans, which he touted as being the right to abortion, and Social Security, among others. “Every generation has a moment where they have to stand up for democracy,” Biden said.

However, appetite for a Biden 2024 run among Americans is not high. According to an NBC News poll taken before his Tuesday announcement, 70% of all Americans do not think that Biden should run again in 2024, with only 26% backing a 2024 presidential bid. 51% of Democrats also don’t want him to run.

Out of those who said that Biden should not run again, 48% said that his age was a “major factor” in their decision. Biden is currently 80, and would be 85 at the end of a 2024 term.

Another factor may be due to his handling of the economy, with 58% of voters saying that they were unsatisfied with how the economy is performing under the current regime, as opposed to 38% who approve.

In a potential 2024 match, only 41% of voters said that they would back Biden, with 21% saying they would definitely vote for him, and 20% saying they probably would. On the other hand, 47% would vote for the Republican candidate, whoever they will be. 39% of those respondents said they definitely would vote for the GOP, with 8% recording that they probably would.

In the same poll, a majority of voters said they don’t want 45th President Donald Trump to run in 2024, with a higher percentage saying they would be willing to support his 2024 bid as opposed to Biden, at 35%.

Despite the vast majority of Americans not wanting Biden to run in 2024, the DNC has declared that there won’t be any primary debates for the 2024 nomination, which the other candidates in the race have harshly criticised.

“The DNC ‘plans no primary debates.’ As though there simply ARE no other candidates… no other ideas we should discuss about ways to win in 2024, or other ideas we should discuss about ways to repair the country,” said presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. “Too many people are too smart to accept this.”

Robert F Kennedy Jr, who formally launched his campaign against Biden last week to end the “merger of state and corporate power,” slammed the decision from the DNC in an interview with Breitbart News as being “unfortunate.”

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