Commissary Fund Feeds ALL 150 January 6 Patriots In Prison

The J6 Commissary Fund was established by Jake Lang, a J6 political prisoner who has been detained for over 900 days without a trial.

The organization is operated by an energetic group of J6 advocates who have dedicated themselves to providing financial assistance to hundreds of prisoners.

Long-time J6 patriot supporter Amani ‘ Ansley ‘ Grow, who manages the fund distribution and list of prisoners and information, stated:

“The J6 Commissary Fund in June alone fed over 150 incarcerated January 6ers $101 each on their commissary, no small feat to feed, clothe & provide hygiene products to all of our patriots locked behind bars!”

Hoang Quan is another J6 patriot supporter who oversees the operation and runs the largest group chat on telegram for Jan 6 families (The Prisoners Record  at over 12,000 members) says:

“Logistically putting all of this operation together was difficult, but now we have the right systems in place to consistently help every January 6 political prisoner who is imprisoned without anyone slipping through the cracks.

And that’s just what we are doing – These funds are vital and many J6 prisoners wouldn’t have any commissary food at all if it wasn’t for the J6 Commissary Fund!” and “We give all the glory to God for bringing  together this family in Christ.”

If you can, please donate!

2 thoughts on “Commissary Fund Feeds ALL 150 January 6 Patriots In Prison

  1. Keith Christy August 9, 2023 at 6:14 am

    They were arrested by D.C. cops & should be treated in a humane manner!! convicted murderers are treated better. WTF IS GOING ON?? ALL INVOLVED IN THE RONGFULL TREATMENT OF THESE FOLKS MUST BE ARRESTED & CONVICTED FOR THEIR CRIMES!!!

    1. virginia lange walter August 13, 2023 at 2:10 pm

      This is DISGRACE! How can these peoople be held with no real charges having been brought. Is this Russia!@#$%^&*(
      Released them immediately. This is highly illegal.


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