Anti-child-trafficker whose story is told in ‘Sound of Freedom’ explains that the trans agenda and Biden administration’s border policies benefit pedophiles

This has sparked outrage amongst both sides of the aisle, as it is believed that these policies are facilitating human smuggling and exploitation. One individual who is on a mission to fight against this abhorrent practice is Tim Ballard, CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), which seeks to rescue victims of human trafficking around the world. O.U.R.’s work was recently highlighted by Jim Caviezel’s new movie ‘Sound Of Freedom’. In the film, Ballard plays himself as he travels around Europe with his team trying to disrupt child sex rings and save innocent children from exploitation and abuse.

Speaking about his mission during an interview with The Daily Signal, Ballard warned that “wittingly or not,” transgender activists and those within the Biden administration are “dressing up” what he calls a “sacrificial altar” on which children may be harmed as a result of their policies being pursued.

When elaborating on a mission to save children in Ukraine from sex traffickers after the country’s invasion by Russia, Ballard noted that his team locked into “this pedophile ring. Now, it’s a frightening ring because it’s a political party that was out of Holland. … They were trying to legalize sex with children. They thought that a 3-year-old could consent to sex.”

He drew attention to how some members of pro-pedophile Dutch Party for Neighborly Love, Freedom and Diversity fled Holland after law enforcement took action against them – only to be arrested later in Ecuador – noting how they had created what he termed “the pedophile network doctrines”; a set of beliefs centred around their argument that children can consent to dangerous activities such as sex changes or taking puberty blockers – something which Ballard believes will lead us down a slippery slope towards age fluidity if left unchecked.

Ballard said that some members of PNVD fled Holland after law enforcement finally came down on them, but were ultimately arrested in Ecuador.

In advance of the Dutch politicians’ arrest, Ballard noted that he had to “study their literature. This was a political platform. This was a political party. And what I started recognizing is, I named them the … ‘pedophile network doctrines.'”

According to Ballard, the so-called pedophile network doctrines — not strictly specific to the PNVD — are:

“Now, what am I seeing here?” said Ballard. “My stomach is getting sick as I’m reading this. I read this every day. It’s the woke left agenda.”

The child liberator clarified that he wasn’t alleging that trans activists and the PNVD or other such pedophiles were “colluding or talking,” but that “it doesn’t matter. It’s the same dark source. … Pedophiles are sitting back right now, going, ‘We’ve been pushing this agenda for decades and now we don’t have to push any more because the left are taking care of it for us in America.’ In America!”

The Daily Signal highlighted how, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over 150,000 unaccompanied minors were encountered crossing the U.S.-Mexico border last fiscal year and over 91,000 have been intercepted crossing the border so far this fiscal year.

“Thousands of them … are under 5 years old,” said Ballard. “Why is a 3-year-old showing up at the border? … Well, I can tell you why, because they show up with a name — the name of the sponsor that they’re given by the trafficker.”

“[The Department of Health and Human Services] gets the kids and they by law have to call the number. ‘Hi, we have Jose Gonzalez, Mr. George Smith.’ ‘Yeah, yeah, that’s my kid, whatever.’ ‘Okay,'” said Ballard, dramatizing a hypothetical conversation between a prospective predator and an unwitting facilitator at the HHS.

“They used to actually fly down and have to pick the kid up. Not any more. Our taxpayer dollars will then send the kid by plane or bus to this George, the sponsor; no background check, no DNA, nothing. And they deliver the kids. Our taxpayer dollars are literally — for the first time in American history — our taxpayer dollars are going to facilitate the last leg of a child-trafficking event,” said Ballard.

“$14 million a day are landing in the pocket of smugglers and traffickers, thanks to the Biden-Harris border policy,” continued Ballard. “The only compassionate policy is border enforcement — barriers, walls. Why? And the ‘Sound of Freedom’ talks about this. Because the walls and the barriers lead the children who are being hurt into that funnel of rescue. Trained women and men in uniform are there. Those kids want to go through the port of entry. … Those kids pray for a wall. The wall will save their lives.”

The child liberator noted that the Biden administration tore “it all down.”

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