BIDEN: ‘Climate Change’ Most ‘Existential Threat To The World,’ Not Global Nuclear War

Forget the United States’ ongoing and increasingly escalating proxy war with nuclear-armed Russia over border disputes in Ukraine, Joe Biden claims the biggest, most “existential” threat to mankind is “climate change.”

“The deep connection has always existed between our people and the land has translated into a commitment to fight the climate crisis to preserve our planet for future generations. The single existential threat to the world is climate change. We don’t have a lot of time. And that’s a fact,” Biden claimed while speaking in Ireland this week.

Biden’s comments notably came right after after his chief political adversary back home, 45th President Donald Trump, warned Fox News host Tucker Carlson during an hour-long televised interview that nuclear war, not climate change, was the world’s greatest threat.

In issuing a chilling warning about “nuclear warming” and the devastation that a potential World War 3 could bring, President Trump told Carlson that today’s modern nuclear weapons are 500 times more destructive than those used against Japan during World War 2.

“If you look at Hiroshima…if you look at Nagasaki, if you look at those two events that took place many many years ago, and multiply that power times 500, that’s what you’re talking about,” said the 45th President.

“It actually melted the granite. You know, granite is unmeltable by blow torches. But the granite, if you look at the granite areas, it’s like water that got, you know, hardened like an ice skating rink. It melted the granite. If you look at that and multiply that times 500, that’s what you’re talking about,” President Trump said of the bombs, which in 1945 produced surface area temperatures of roughly 10,800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Trump specifically downplayed concerns of some environmentalists who foment global warming fears and stressed that nuclear war would be much worse.

“When I listen to people talk about global warming that the ocean will rise in the next 300 years by 1/8th of an inch and they talk about how this is our problem. Our big problem is nuclear warming but nobody even talks about it,” said President Trump. “The environmentalists talk about all this nonsense in many cases. I’ve become an environmentalist also, I guess in my own way because I have done a good job with the environment.”

“Nobody talks about nuclear… the problem… the biggest problem we have in the whole world… it’s not global warming, it’s nuclear warming,” he said. “And all it takes is one mad man and you’re going to have a problem, the likes of which the world has never seen.”

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