Biden Regime to to Crack Down on Air Conditioning to Fight Global Warming – Get Ready to Boil!

The Biden administration has announced plans to continue its reduction of hydrofluorocarbons, claiming that it “aims to cut the United States’ use of greenhouse gases by almost half starting next year.”

HFC is the chemical used for refrigeration and to keep your house cool in the summer.

This rule on top of the 10% drop in HFC consumption implemented in 2022 under the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act, sets an ambitious goal to reduce the production and consumption of HFCs by 85% by 2036 in order to prevent a 0.5 degree Celsius increase in global temperature by the next century.

Sounds like it’s a good thing, right? But we have to consider that it is based on speculation regarding climate change rather than scientific evidence or data-driven research.

The current data available fails to provide any real proof that reducing hydrofluorocarbons will actually lead to less significant impacts on global warming or climate change as a whole. Furthermore, many experts argue that there are far more effective ways of reducing emissions that do not require such drastic changes in industry standards or technology.

In addition, the economic repercussions associated with this decision are in insane. With such stringent regulations being put into place so quickly, businesses will be forced to make costly adjustments in order to remain compliant – something which could greatly impact their bottom line and result in job losses across multiple industries.

While it is true that shifting away from using hydrofluorocarbons may eventually reduce energy costs for consumers over time; these benefits will likely be offset by increases due to companies having to invest more heavily into researching alternative technologies and products as well as meeting compliance requirements set forth by these new rules.

This is what Democrats call progress. Meanwhile, they and the rest of the developing world are running their air at full blast.

My advice? Go make yourself an ice fan…


4 thoughts on “Biden Regime to to Crack Down on Air Conditioning to Fight Global Warming – Get Ready to Boil!

  1. Ron July 14, 2023 at 6:13 am

    This government needs to stay out of peoples lives!!!!! Don’t tell us how to cook our food!!!!!! Don’t tell us what to drive!!!!! Don’t tell us how we heat or cool OUR homes!!!Dont tell us what to do with our child’s education!!!!! President Biden has NO scientific proof of climate change, global warming, or a hole in the ozone.This admin has killed more people than all the others combined!!!! COVID an open border where criminals come in now no air conditioning. Can you imagine being in Arizona with no air. We’ll like the movie said Stupid is as Stupid does

  2. Streak July 14, 2023 at 7:36 am

    Joe Brain Dead Biden and his Administration are a BUNCH of BRAIN DEAD IDIOT USELESS MORONS POS

    1. Rodnut July 14, 2023 at 1:59 pm

      And that is being nice. They take away our A/C when it is 107 right now at my house. That will start something this government cannot imagine. Because you damn good and well they will not even think about cutting their A/C use anywhere. FU DC.

  3. Joan Plucker July 14, 2023 at 1:44 pm

    Just as long as Biden & his happy bunch of “do wrongers” have to suffer the heat also—its ok—but with all of the rest of us dead from the heat he won’t have any tax payers to support all his wild spending. Does that sound like a winner?


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