BLM Leader Stands In Solidarity With J6 Political Prisoners And The Proud Boys At Federal Court House: ‘And I Have 100 More Men Who Stand With Me’

The government’s oppressive tactics and unjust treatment that have disproportionately affected black Americans for minor offenses are now being used against political prisoners, patriots, and conservative Americans who are simply standing up for their beliefs,” warns Mark Fisher, Executive Director of Black Lives Matter Inc.

Fisher emphasized that the January 6 political prisoners are going through the same justice system and court process that many black Americans have experienced throughout history and continue to face today.

This interview took place in front of the federal courthouse in Washington, DC, providing a powerful backdrop to the discussion.

“Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right. Just because something is legal doesn’t make it moral. But it is a nation of laws that we live in, as opposed to a nation of people. So we have to deal with them,” he said. “I believe solidarity and brotherhood is the way to combat governmental overreach and legislative abuse.”

“I stand in solidarity with the January 6 political prisoners” and “there are hundreds of men that stand me,” the community organizer told TGP the night before meeting this reporter at the Capitol building.

While walking through the Capitol with TGP on Friday as Congress departed for the August recess, Fisher expressed his admiration for Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green, who had recently shed light on the appalling conditions at the DC Central Detention Facility and had the courage to visit the infamous “DC Gulag.”

“I just spoke with Marjorie Taylor Greene and I just let her know that she should continue to fight the good fight. People don’t like people who are outspoken, who are supposed to be quiet and remain timid,” he said.

Fisher then visited the federal courthouse, where every January 6er is tried with a 99.8 percent conviction rate.

“We came today to inquire about the January 6 prisoners and what the situation is, what their punishments will be and what the recourse is going to be for everybody who was involved in it,” he said. “I am going to some of their leaders and see what direction they want to go in.”

“We have to just see eye to eye, and I’m going to, because the future is collaboration. It’s us understanding each other — understanding that it’s not the government that’s going to rescue us and save us and solve our problems. It’s going to be us, helping us and understanding one another, and having empathy. And that’s what’s going to save America.”


Fisher pledged to visit the political prisoners at the jail, and observe their trials and the unconstitutional offenses of government prosecutors and activist judges. He says he intends to remind members of Congress who they work for and to do their job:

So we’re going to organize, we’re going to talk to the leaders and see what direction they want to go in. And this is not going to be something that’s going to be for show. It’s going to be something that’s going to be of substance and that’s going to have long-term and permanent solutions.

As a Black Lives Matter leader and organizer, we really have no enemies. We are looking for allies. And as American brothers and sisters, I have empathy for anybody who was going through some type of hard situation, hard luck, hard times. And I don’t take any pleasure in the government penalizing or punishing people for standing up for what they believe in, especially as a fellow American.

As a Black Lives Matter leader, I’ve been a victim of that, for standing up for what I believe is right and for standing up for my people and we’ve had to deal with legislative abuse and governmental overreach as well.

Standing in solidarity, to me, means helping them, standing hand in hand with them in putting all biases aside — all political, respective boxes, all political parties and partisanship aside, — because the future is collaboration, and the future is allyship. So, I am willing to work with them and organize.

The Constitution very clearly states that in the very beginning, ‘We the People.’  the people have to organize. Again, doesn’t matter what respective party you have, what side you claim, or what ideology you believe, once the power is out of our hands as We the people, we’ve all lost.

I understand as a Black Lives Matter activist, I look at it from a different perspective and I understand as Proud Boys and members of that organization, they look at things from a different perspective as well. And I have understanding and empathy. I’m always going to stand in solidarity with my American brothers and sisters who are going through hard times.

8 thoughts on “BLM Leader Stands In Solidarity With J6 Political Prisoners And The Proud Boys At Federal Court House: ‘And I Have 100 More Men Who Stand With Me’

  1. KC August 3, 2023 at 1:18 pm

    WOW. Who would of thought this would ever happen. I do believe the J6 prisoners are political prisoners and haven’t broken any laws that makes their inhuman treatment legal or deserving. Even dogs in a pound are better treated than these people just because they stood behind Trump and the illegal election of Biden. Democrats have proven they are the scum of the earth and their idget followers should do as they say and eat bugs instead of meat, drive EVs, do without air conditioning, and heat while their elite leaders eat steak and lobsters, drive gas guzzlers, fly their private jets, air condition their 6+ bedroom homes and heat them as well.

  2. madmemere August 3, 2023 at 6:05 pm

    A rational, intelligent black man – – -I AM impressed.

  3. Elizabeth Davis August 3, 2023 at 7:28 pm

    Wow ! I must commend this young man! There is always a few bad apple in a basket and left there can spoil the whole bushel. I am a very old person so I seen a lot Segregation ,integration, racists and good people. I remember when there was black and white drinking fountains and other separations but was not taught by my parents to hate anyone and my father had friends that were black just like white friends. I can remember in our small town growing up we had only one Barbara in town and every man went to him He belong to the clubs in town and when they went out of town they passed him off as an Indian l barber that everyone went to. I can remember the story they told about him being in the clubs in our town and when they went out of town they passed him off as an Indian so he could stay in the same accommodations with them. I always thought how stupid is that, black does not rub of any more than a brown or red skin does. When it really hit me was in the 70’s I had a Girl Scout troop for 8 years with any where from 6 to 20 girls depending on the year . I ran into the race issue only twice. My co leader and I were previewing a place to camp and was at private school and another time we were in a location that was a hold out for segregation . I guess we backed down from them but we were thinking of the girls at that time. But things did take place at the school later through the grape vine. The other time changed it. But that another story for another time So everyone is not racists and our government needs to be brought up short. we need to get the corruption out of our government or we will each and everyone of us will loose our freedom. Protests are good until the laws are broken. Lesson to learn: A quite methodical person gets more done than a screaming banshee. Did Rosa Parks scream , yell, break and destroy NO! but she got the job done. Not one black person has to ride in the back of the bus today unless they want to.

  4. Laura R Wagner August 3, 2023 at 9:43 pm

    Kudos to Mark Fisher. It is good to see that someone in the BLM organization can still think and feel something more than anger.

  5. billi August 4, 2023 at 10:35 am

    The idea that we can announce any coalition , anywhere that can be accessed by Bidenboys, is getting more and more risky to one’s family and one’ self

  6. Jack Jones August 4, 2023 at 10:03 pm

    I commend Mark Fisher very much. He is speaking with the TRUE spirit of what this country should be standing for again.

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