Donna Brazile Predicts Trump Will Be GOP’s 2024 Nominee

On Sunday, Democratic strategist Donna Brazile appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and predicted that former President Donald Trump will be the 2024 Republican nominee for president.

ABC host Martha Raddatz asked, “DeSantis has been touting his record in Florida, calling it the boldest and most far-reaching agenda the modern GOP has seen. Part of that agenda has been going after our parent company, Disney. This week Disney scrapped a billion-dollar project that could have meant two thousand jobs in Florida. How does all that play out?”

Brazile replied, “He is punching above his weight. The race is Donald Trump’s to lose. Mr. DeSantis is going to try to run as Donald Trump without the baggage, a lot of money and maybe better hair. I don’t really know. But here’s what I’m going to be looking for. I will look at Tim Scott because he is a little sunnier. He is more of a compelling, compassionate conservative.”

She added, “But back to Mr. DeSantis, I’m not a fan of Mr. DeSantis. I’m not a fan because of his attacks on Disney, his attack on history, his attack on race, his attack on banning books, his attack basically on real clear American values, trans kids. Let Mr. DeSantis run to the right of Donald Trump. Donald Trump is going to smack him across the head. But the bottom line is,  can he sell himself to voters? Can he come across as real as someone who can win without just smiling his way through it? I still believe that Donald Trump is going to become the nominee of the Republican Party.”

Interesting take. I think it will go one of two ways with DeSantis and Trump. I think they will either be neck and neck for the majority of the race, OR, one of them will pull far ahead and it won’t even be close.

It is still too early to tell at this point in time.

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