Elon Musk Bans Creator of ‘Youth Attracted Persons’ Flag From Twitter: ‘Not Tolerated’

Twitter under Elon Musk has banned the creator of a LGBT-styled flag for “Youth Attracted Persons” from the platform, and the African-American tech CEO has personally weighed in on the decision.

In a tweet that quickly went viral on the platform, Twitter account @ZeebDemon celebrated “Alice Day,” which Snopes notes is purported to be a “Pedophile Pride Day” celebrated on April 25.

“I figured, why not use today to unveil the YAP (Youth Attracted Person) pride flag I designed almost a year ago?”

Potentially acknowledging the “YAP pride flag” was inspired by the famous LGBT pride flag, the author wrote, “I wanted to stray from the oft used horizontal bars motif, but only a little. I wanted to retain some familiarity.”

The tweet was seen nearly 1 million times before the account was banned sometime before 3 a.m. this morning.

“Not tolerated on this platform,” wrote Musk in reply to one tweet celebrating the platform’s decision to break with his free speech absolutist stance.

Some users compared Musk’s management of the platform to its previous management, and accused the prior Twitter board and its policies of protecting pedophiles.

“I was temporarily suspended by old Twitter for simply saying that child raping pedophiles should face the death penalty after being proven guilty,” wrote conservative influencer Robby Starbuck.

Starbuck called it a “big change” under Musk’s ownership and declared, “pedophiles are no longer protected by Twitter!”

Others poked fun at the left’s criticisms of Musk, and celebrated the popular innovator

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