Female Swimmer Riley Gaines Hammers Keith Olbermann After He Insults Her Swimming Skills

Keith Olbermann has encountered continued difficulties in distinguishing fact from fiction, which has caused him to find himself in numerous compromising situations.

On Thursday, he made an inappropriate and unfounded statement directed towards 23-year-old Riley Gaines, an All-American female swimmer who has attained success throughout her career.

In response to the former sports commentator’s comment, she provided evidence of her successes using her trophy collection as a point of reference.

Gaines, an advocate for maintaining the separation of men and women in sports and host of “Gaines for Girls,” drew attention to a Wednesday tweet from Nebraska state Sen. Megan Hunt in which the former Democrat expressed her dismay regarding Gov. Jim Pillen’s executive order “Establishing a Women’s Bill of Rights.”

TheBlaze previously reported that this order acknowledged biological differences between men and women, stressing that there are legitimate reasons to differentiate between sexes with regards to athletics, prisons or other detention facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms, restrooms, and other areas where biology, safety, and/or privacy are taken into consideration.

Hunt called the order “inappropriate and unacceptable” and accused Pillen of “putting Nebraskans in harm’s way”.

Gaines responded to Hunt with an assertion that she had misjudged the situation by focusing on a strict definition of a woman.

Olbermann then took up the cause, writing to her, “Can you acknowledge the reality and move forward? Your performance in swimming was not as good as your opponents’, which is why you lost.”

Despite being presented with a fact-check that highlighted Riley Gaines’ successes during her college swim career, including ending her ‘Wildcat’ career as one of the most decorated swimmers in the program’s history, Keith Olbermann was undeterred and proceeded to attack Gaines.

On Thursday, he tweeted “Happily for nasty, stupid, unsuccessful transphobe @Riley_Gaines_ she has no reputation to ruin.”

In response to this tweet, Gaines remarked that this comment may explain why Olbermann had been previously fired from ESPN.

She then provided Olbermann with an overview of her trophy collection, highlighting her accomplishments such as three SEC titles, a runner-up placement in the national setting, recognition as the SEC “Female Scholar-Athlete of the Year,” and being named to the All-SEC first team.

“Oh look, another one,” she said gleefully, referencing another gold trophy sitting on her shelf. “That’s when I broke the
200 butterfly record, the SEC record, which I still hold, making me one of the fastest Americans of all time.”

Brandishing another symbol of her success as a female athlete, Gaines said, “Keith, I’d be really sad if I broke this trying to prove a point to an old man who can’t even seem to keep a job, but I’ve got more of these — so I’m not. Thanks, Keith!”

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2 thoughts on “Female Swimmer Riley Gaines Hammers Keith Olbermann After He Insults Her Swimming Skills

  1. Red September 3, 2023 at 10:57 am

    Good for Riley. These libs/lefties have their heads up their you-know-wheres.

  2. Liz September 4, 2023 at 6:36 am

    Riley, keep up the good work for all the girls in sports! They need your voice!
    Incredibly ignorant people think men that call themselves “women” should be allowed to compete against you.
    So proud of your bravery!


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