George Conway Insists Trump Is Going to Jail for ‘Obstruction of Justice’

On Monday, attorney George Conway appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” and insisted that former President Donald Trump is going to jail for obstruction of justice when the federal government raided his Mar-a-Lago home to retrieve classified documents.

The attorney said of Trump, “His insane narcissism, and his belief that he controls everything, that Article II allowed him to do whatever he wants, and it is his generals across the river at the Pentagon, these were his documents. I mean, this narcissism alone was sufficient for him to want to keep these documents. And then, of course, to show them off to people.”

He continued, “The obstruction charges are so strong. I mean, Ty Cobb, White House counsel who handled, in the Trump administration, handled the Mueller investigation, went on national television the other day and said, Trump’s going to go to jail for this. And he should, and he will. Because the obstruction case is just so strong as illustrated by the fact that they have all these lawyers’ notes and all these lawyers testified.”

Conway added, “It’s bad enough that he told, you know, that he made his lawyers give false information to the government, and he used his lawyers as instruments to commit a crime or a fraud. That is one thing, it is sufficient to show probable cause to get a search warrant, which he got in August. But to get lawyers testimony, judges don’t like to order that, because judges are lawyers. They were practicing lawyers. They respect the attorney-client privilege. And to pierce that privilege is something they don’t like to do. The fact, that Judge Howell here in the District of Columbia is doing it shows that the evidence is incredibly strong.”

Conway is the husband of Kellyanne Conway, who served as Senior Counselor to former Trump. He has always been vocal about his dislike of the former president. So perhaps this is just wishful thinking on his behalf, eh?

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