Hunter Biden’s attorney face sanctions after lying to falsely remove testimony from IRS whistleblowers

A Delaware judge has issued a stern warning to Hunter Biden’s attorney, demanding an explanation for the fake call made to a court clerk requesting that testimony from IRS whistleblowers be removed from the case.

According to The Daily Mail, Judge Maryellen Noreika was appalled after learning of the incident.

Chairman Jason Smith of the House Ways and Means Committee reported that someone posing as Smith’s attorney had called the court clerk asking for 448 pages of congressional testimony from IRS whistleblowers to be taken down.

However, when Smith’s real lawyer informed the clerk this was an error, they sent a message to Biden’s attorney who claimed it was only done by the clerk alone.

Smith provided evidence suggesting otherwise, pointing out that it could have been initiated by someone connected with Biden’s attorneys.

Noreika is now calling on Biden’s lawyers to explain their involvement in this incident or face sanctions.

“It appears that the caller misrepresented her identity and who she worked for in an attempt to improperly convince the clerk’s office to remove the amicus materials from the docket,” ordered Noreika.

“Therefore, it is hereby ordered that, on or before 9 pm today on July 25, 2023, counsel for the defendant shall show cause as to why sanctions should not be considered for misrepresentations to the court,” she added.

Smith requested that Noreika toss out a deal made between Hunter Biden and Delaware prosecutors that many criticized as a “sweetheart deal.”

Biden had been under investigation over unpaid taxes and false information he placed on an application for a firearms license.

“The Defendant appears to have benefited from political interference which calls into question the propriety of the investigation of the U.S. Attorney’s Office,” wrote Smith’s attorney in the court filing. “[I]t is critical that the Court consider the Whistleblower Materials before determining whether to accept the Plea Agreement.”

3 thoughts on “Hunter Biden’s attorney face sanctions after lying to falsely remove testimony from IRS whistleblowers

  1. Spectre7734 July 26, 2023 at 7:13 am

    I can’t imagine why we would expect any thing less from anything BUYDEN related! The Biden crime syndicate
    dwarfs anything The Mafia, La Cousinostra, Al Capone, Babyface Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly, or Joe Bonano ever
    committed in all the years The Major City Mobs dominated the USA! Treason, being the top of the dastardly
    deeds done dirt cheap! The time is now for arrests and convictions! Yet, they’re still there!

  2. Charles Smith July 29, 2023 at 6:33 am

    Biden’s crime family is so crooked they can not walk a straight line. The entire Biden Family must stand trail for their illegal money dealings. Time has come to make America Great Again. Biden clan set up for failure greed for money ruins America’s honesty. Justice is prison time

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