James Comer: Bidens Owned over 20 Shell Companies to Hide Payments, Launder Money

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) has reported that an investigation of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) at the Treasury and subpoenas from banks and individuals have revealed that the Biden family has established more than 20 shell companies. These entities are allegedly being used to accept, forward, and collect payments from a variety of business associates.

“We found all these shell companies that make absolutely no sense,” Comer told Fox News. “I don’t believe they have paid a penny of revenue, a penny of taxes on most of the millions of dollars they received from our adversaries around the world.”

The committee recently disclosed that the Biden family has been involved in numerous business dealings over the past few years, resulting in them receiving an estimated $10 million from schemes located in Romania and China.
Evidence obtained by the committee revealed a connection between Biden associate Rob Walker and CEFC China Energy Co., whereby a $3 million wire transfer was sent to him, with four members of the Biden family – Hunter, James, Hallie, and another individual listed as “Biden” – collectively receiving $1.3 million from it.

The Biden family business received a total of $5.1 million within days of Hunter Biden’s messages to CEFC through multiple accounts, including Owasco and Hudson West III LLC.

“How did they list this on their taxes?” Comer questioned. “Is it a service they provided?”

A Republican-led committee is set to begin deposing associates of the Biden family in the coming weeks and months.
Devon Archer, an associate of Hunter Biden, will be the first member to be deposed in an attempt to uncover any international business schemes.
Archer had previously served on the board of Burisma, a Ukraine-based energy company, with Hunter Biden in 2014. His involvement with this company led to legal trouble and he was ordered to pay a $43 million judgment for defrauding a Native American tribal entity.
Recently, IRS whistleblowers testified publicly about 13 serious allegations against Hunter Biden, the Justice Department and President Joe Biden.
A recent survey shows just how bad things are getting for the Biden Regime and its reputation with the American people.

4 thoughts on “James Comer: Bidens Owned over 20 Shell Companies to Hide Payments, Launder Money

  1. Lawrence M July 19, 2023 at 12:17 pm

    With all of the evidence and the facts as they stand already, if the US Government led by these GOP officials don’t take action to go after these Criminals within our government with actual CHARGES immediately, then this is all just “spinning the wheels” in order to keep the public on a short leash and to con all of us into thinking “Justice Will Prevail.” While in the meantime our own government officials on both sides of the aisle further consolidate their powerful control upon the People! This is what “Banana Republics” do and it must stop immediately or America as we once knew it is doomed.

    I mean think about it for REAL! Look at what the DemonCrat party has been doing, concocting imaginary charges to hammer away at President Trump from the start of his term in office and on through his current campaign for the Presidency! Yet these DemonCrats only have claims which are “All BOGUS” and “Absolute LIES,” and they waste no time in “throwing everything including the kitchen sink,” at Trump, to see if anything will somehow miraculously stick; while of course totally wasting “Our Tax Payer Resources” on countless “Three Ring Circuses.” Yet these GOP Officials have all of this “HARD EVIDENCE” and all they do is dance around it and make some noise to supposedly impress us that they’re working hard to “Serve the People,” and bring “Justice to the Actual Criminals” for all of their “TREASONOUS CRIMES!”
    Where the hell, were they when they had control of the White House, Senate and House; just “shuffling the deck” from what I had seen! Let’s “GET REAL PEOPLE” and either FIX THIS MESS ONCE AND FOR ALL or JUST HAND OUR REPUBLIC OVER TO THE CCP; who are actually planning to CONQUER AND TAKEOVER AMERICA; as all this “Fraud upon the People” ensues!
    “The Massive Freight Train” is barreling full speed right at us; and all these clowns do, is play us like an instrument!

    Our Congress, (Government) has been corrupt to the bone for several decades, but are we to throw in the towel thinking that there aren’t any actual honest “genuine patriots” throughout the “Government Apparatus,” that are much more aware of this “Treasonous” activity going on which is tearing America apart! While this Deep State MIC is taking any power that the people had away, including our vote, rendering us as nothing more than impotent and the dregs of this upside-down, secular, immoral society; that’s caught in this endless game of “gaslighting” such a hopelessly controlled people!

    Or will there be any actual “valiant souls” still out there “within the belly of the beast” who are, ready, willing and able to take the “bull by the horns” going after the “key operators” in this scheme “once and for all,” in order to begin taking down this “Criminal Treasonous Machine” bit by bit, so that they will start “selling each other out to save their own skin?”

    Because if not, we all should plan on being “good obedient little commie minion socialist, anarchist, atheists; lacking any sort of compass! And considering all of the dumbing-down that’s been going on for decades, it appears that the plan is shaping up just fine!

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.” Ronald Reagan

    He was right and that sums it up perfectly!

  2. Michael Valgos July 20, 2023 at 4:29 am

    I saw on the net yesterday that someone that had not done a quarter of what Hunter Biden has and is still doing Everyone knows who it belongs to Secret Service said they had found drugs in the White House twice before this There was only a select few are able to go where the coke was found His drugs of choice Weed and Crack I know why the idiot doesn’t he rock it up himself This is the smartest person Biden knows It shows look at the morons working for the puppeteers This is a taste of what they are going to try to force on us It is not going to happen There are still to many families that would stand to stop what these NWO people trying to take everything from us They want to feed us bugs and kill all of the cattle They want us to eat the shit they made in a lab No I will not eat that garbage Our digestive system can’t break down this foreign matter and it will cause bacteria build up and people will start dying It is a planned massive kill off They love the war because it will be much easier to walk in and take it The NWO also needs to have as many people killed as possible to bring the world population down to 500 million people They say we are using up their good air natural resources I think their plans are to use China as a world police Like they want us to join the UN so then we have to go by their laws and not ours and we have no longer have any rights whatsoever

  3. William G Munson July 20, 2023 at 4:55 am

    If you have One Eye and Common Sense then you would Know that the Classified Documents that Joe Biden Had that WAS STOLEN at Four Different Locations was what they were getting Paid For the Copies they were at his House and the Beach home too and at PENN Collage that the Chinese gave Million of $ to what do you think / I know and you should Period

  4. Ray Copeland July 22, 2023 at 12:54 pm

    This braindead Biden needs to be took to a good tall oak tree with a good strong rope.


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