Mumbling Fetterman Goes on Incoherent Rant During Senate Hearing

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman joined in on the Senate Banking Committee hearing, in which he left many questioning whether he is able to contribute to meaningful discussion or if he should be heading back to the mental hospital.

He gave an incoherent monologue for nearly two minutes, during which he struggled to explain his points and left listeners more confused and concerned than before he ever opened his mouth.

Fetterman spat vague statements about the responsibility of banks, SNAP work requirements, and the need for stricter regulations. Yet, his speech was more like one of those dreams where you know you should understand what’s being said, but nothing is computing into anything that makes any sense.

Maybe ol Fette took a page out of President Joe Biden’s speech book!

One of the head-scratching questions he asked was, “Is it a staggering responsibility that the head of a bank could literally crash our economy? It’s astonishing. And they also realize that now they have a guaranteed way to be saved, or if I have my how, you know?”

No…we don’t know.

I wonder if we ran that through Google Translate, if we’d get a translation of what he was actually trying to say.

Check it out and cringe:

The senator’s comments about SNAP work requirements were an attempted crack at Republicans. He stuttered, “Shouldn’t you have a working requirement? After we sell your bank, you get billions of your bank because they seem to be more preoccupied with SNAP and requirements for work for hungry people, but not about protecting the taxpayers that will bail no matter whatever it does about a bank to crash.”

In my experience, if you can’t complete your dig at someone without fumbling your words, you’re better off not even attempting to say it.

The good people in the great land of Twitter are all voicing their concerns about Fetterman, as well as poking fun at the joke our government is becoming:

2 thoughts on “Mumbling Fetterman Goes on Incoherent Rant During Senate Hearing

  1. Gunny Gil May 18, 2023 at 3:19 pm

    To be honest I don’t think he forgot what he was talking about halfway thrugh his meandering speech

  2. Mountain man May 19, 2023 at 3:43 am

    Just wondering was there dribbling down his cheek from his mouth..?..or did his eyes just go blank..?..if so he could be presidential material…you know…another puppet for Obama to hide behind..sort of like the stupid leading the stupid


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