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Kirk Elliott Phd

Dr. Kirk Elliott is an economic expert with two doctorate degrees. He is the ONLY person Tania Joy trusts when it comes to financial advice and the acquisition of precious metals.  He will connect with you to help protect your assets. Make sure you act now! With everything going on in our world there has never been a better time than now!

To Schedule a Time to Talk to Dr. Dr. Kirk Elliott  

Go to https://kirkelliottphd.com/b4a/

Call 720-605-3900 – USE CODE B4A or TaniaJoy

Dr. “Wellness Wisdom” Sherwood

As seen on Wellness Wisdom Fridays! 

Build resiliency in health, hope, and freedom!

We know there are ways to find and enjoy freedom in your life, because every single week at our clinic (and through online consults) we see patients experience breakthrough.

Every person, and every challenge, is unique. But we can offer a starting point that so many miss.

Freedom is possible no matter how you feel.



My Pillow

No one has sacrificed more than patriot Mike Lindell AND his products are amazing! I personally LOVE the slippers, sheets, towels, pillow, dog beds, and travel pillows.

Support Mike Lindell and Beauty for Ashes by shopping at Mike Lindell.


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Kannaway CBD & Java Boost

Are you feeling anxious? 

Having trouble sleeping? We may not be able to change the world in one day, but we can help you sleep better and feel better so that YOUR world doesn’t feel so upside down!

Try out the BEST CBD products or Esther’s Timeless pack here – https://b4a.kannaway.com/ 

Cup-a-Health | Java Boost Affiliate: https://cupahealth.myshopify.com/discount/b4a

Meehan MD

My passion and purpose is to help you understand how our bodies are designed to heal and obtain optimal functionality.


I am a physician, accomplished leader, and entrepreneur who provides innovative science and solutions that adhere to open, honest, transparent, and uncompromisingly patient-centered principles.


My team and I invite you to learn as we provide and present material that you can understand so you can become the scientist of your own health.

Schedule your consult here – https://www.meehanmd.com/   USE CODE TaniaJoy

Holy Hydrogen

The Lourdes Hydrofix is the Global Standard, making therapeutic quality Hydrogen Water & Gas for consumption & inhalation. The Lourdes Hydrofix supports cellular health, energy production, cognitive health, and weight management. 


Drink hydrogen infused water and inhale pure hydrogen gas with the Lourdes Hydrofix.


SAVE $100 using Code B4A https://holyhydrogen.com/ 

Cardio Miracle

Cardio Miracle is made from the highest quality ingredients, driven and backed by science and committed to your health and wellbeing. It boosts energy, helps recovery, supports the immune system, and improves mental clarity. 


Grab yours here – https://cardiomiracle.myshopify.com?sca_ref=3344040.DlJsdnWpZ3

Beloved Cheesecakes

The best and most beloved cheesecake in America. 

All orders can be shipped to you!

Order one for YOUR next event! 

https://belovedcheesecakes.com/  – PROMO CODE B4A