Pedophile Changes Gender In Prison, Release After Serving Half Of Sentence

Clive Bundy, a 61-year-old convicted pedophile who somehow changed his gender while in prison, has been quietly released into the community after serving less than half of his 15-year jail sentence.

This news has sparked outrage amongst many as it appears to be an example of how criminals are able to exploit legal loopholes and evade justice.

Bundy, now ‘identifying’ as Claire Fox, was sentenced in 2016 for a horrifying crime – sexually abusing his 8-year-old daughter over nine years and circulating explicit photos of her online.

Although he lived as a man for nearly six decades and fathered eight children, he claimed to be transgender while incarcerated in 2021.

His decision has drawn criticism and suspicion from many individuals who believe that he used the transition as a ploy to facilitate his life in prison or manipulate the legal system.

Ceri-Lee Galvin, now 24, was the victim of Bundy’s horrific crimes. Waiving her right to anonymity, she has come forward to denounce her father’s release and draw attention to this perceived legal loophole that allows sex predators like her father to hide their past by adopting a new gender identity.

“My father is not a woman and I refuse to recognize him as such,” Ceri-Lee told Daily Mail. She further revealed that Bundy’s claim of gender dysphoria arose at the end of 2021 when he was due to be moved to an open prison but had a violent altercation with another prisoner which prevented him from being moved there.

Ceri-Lee voiced concern over the lack of information provided about her father’s presence in local schools and authorities within their community since his release despite his conviction for sexual offenses against children.

Additionally, she expressed worry regarding her father’s potential ability to continue predatory behavior due to his new ‘gender identity’ noting that despite claims of being transgender Bundy shows no remorse for his crimes and openly admits finding children attractive making him still dangerous even outside prison walls.

The situation is made worse by SSAFA providing Fox with necessities despite short service in Territorial Army which makes Ceri Lee believes she conned them.

Ceri Lee concluded, “At this point, I feel nothing but upset hurt disappointment”.

She also hopes people around the neighborhood know to keep their children away from him as “he’s no woman,  he is a manipulative abuser who took my childhood”.

This case raises awareness about the potential danger when allowing criminals to claim to change their gender identity so easily.

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  1. D.A. Langcake July 19, 2023 at 5:24 pm

    The Transgender case…. “Full Stripped down Medical, Short Arm inspection too. Such an obvious ploy to be released and to continue his Filthy acts of Peadophilia!


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