Psychological Warfare Expert: Tucker Fired To Keep Viewers ‘Semi Lobotomized’

Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News on Monday because the U.S. power structure wants to keep the American population “uninformed,” “semi-lobotomized,” and “quasi-retarded,” former U.S. Army Special Operations Officer and Psychological Warfare analyst Scott Alan Bennett told Russian media. 

Speaking recently to Sputnik, Bennett stated that Carlson threatened the Washington establishment and encouraged Americans to be “researchers and thinkers” by exhibiting “intellectualism, truthfulness, and an analytical depth that no other news personality has ever done in the history of the United States as far back as I can remember.”

Bennett accused Fox News of acting in the interest of American “powers and principalities, institutions and agendas that seek an unenlightened uninformed semi lobotomized quasi retarded population that do not question, do not research, do not analyze but simply digest and follow instructions.”

“Tucker Carlson also exposed the fraud and money laundering racketeering crimes of FTX and the Democrat Party in Ukraine involving the United States government,” he said.

“He exposed the US biochemical labs in Ukraine and their connection to the Democrat Party, President Barack Obama, Vice President Biden, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, Bill Gates, and other US government agencies and pharmaceutical companies,” Bennett added.

Carlson’s anti-establishment message “could no longer be tolerated by the corrupt American media and political establishment,” Bennett explained, declaring that his untimely departure marked “the death of American media”.

Bennett, who once had a top-secret security clearance and worked for U.S. military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, was reportedly sentenced to three years in federal prison in 2011 for apparently “lying to lying to government officials to obtain housing on MacDill Air Force Base,” wearing a U.S. military uniform “without authorization,” and “violating security regulations related to 10 guns and 9,000 rounds of ammunition found in his possession at the base.”

However, the U.S. counter-terror expert maintains that he was unlawfully imprisoned on “trumped up charges by the Obama Administration for filing intelligence reports exposing terrorist finance corruption involving the Clinton Foundation, the Muslim Brotherhood, US Central Command, and Booz Allen Hamilton.”

Within hours of the Carlson departure announcement, Fox Corporation lost nearly $1 billion in market value. That development came only days after Fox reached a settlement with Dominion Voting Systems that saw it owe more than $700 million to the voting machine company that claimed the network’s hosts defamed it.

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