Rolling Stone Writer Who Mocks ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie Locks Down Twitter Profile Amid Backlash

Recently, a Rolling Stone writer name Miles Klee has come under fire for mocking the newly released movie “Sound of Freedom.”

The movie is based on the inspiring true story of Tim Ballard, an agent who works to save children from sex trafficking and slavery.

Klee condemned actor Jim Caviezel as an alleged QAnon conspiracy theorist and dismissed the movie as a “Movie for Dads With Brainworms.”

“I watched Jim Caviezel’s QAnon-ish child-trafficking drama “Sound of Freedom” with the kind of muttering, coughing, “Amen!”-bellowing boomers who have made it a right-wing indie hit. Hard to overstate just how disgusting it was!” Klee wrote on his Threads account.

“Sound of Freedom,” a movie that strives to raise awareness about child trafficking, achieved a remarkable feat by surpassing Disney’s Indiana Jones at the box office on July 4th. However, as the film climbed the ladder of success, Klee’s attempt to belittle and undermine its significance proved to be a major misstep.

The online community erupted with criticism, condemning Klee’s article as ‘baseless and disrespectful.’

“To dismiss this movie based on your presumptions and biased is near-sighted, and I hope that you continue to develop and learn about real journalism,” said one user who lost a child to human trafficking.

“You will never understand true pain until your own children have been taken from you and sold like cattle. I will never see mine again and thanks to you, people that read your article won’t give a sh-t either.”

One TGP reader wrote, “You know how low the leftists have sunk, when they are condemning a film about SAVING children from trafficking, like it is a BAD thing, you couldn’t make it up.”

In response, he locked down his Twitter profile so that only approved followers can view it.

The movie currently enjoys a 99% user rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

2 thoughts on “Rolling Stone Writer Who Mocks ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie Locks Down Twitter Profile Amid Backlash

  1. KAREN BRACKEN July 9, 2023 at 10:22 am

    Hmmmmm….could it be possible this guy is part of the cabal that trafficks little children???? Just asking for a friend.

  2. KC July 9, 2023 at 11:03 am

    There’s no accounting for ignorance and it figures he’s a typical leftist. Only allow those who agree with him to reply. Whimpy coward.


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