“SHAME ON YOU!”: Rep. Troy Nehls DESTROYS Chris Wray Over Jan 6

On Wednesday, FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Judiciary Committee in a hearing titled “Oversight of the Federal Bureau of Investigation”.

This hearing examined the politicization of this nation’s preeminent law enforcement agency under the direction of both Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland. During this hearing, Rep. Troy Nehls (R-TX), a former sheriff, held nothing back when it came to questioning Director Wray on his approach leading up to and following January 6th. Rep.

Nehls opened up his testimony asking Wray about the resources he used on the politicized January 6 investigation.

Nehls caught Wray lying about moving agents working on child trafficking to work on arresting Trump supporters who walked inside the US Capitol on January 6.

Rep. Troy Nehls: It is clear that you guys are dealing with some of the sickest bastards in our society. I have an article here from CNN in January 2022 calling the January 6 investigation the biggest investigation in FBI history. And what shocks me about this, quite honestly, is that you don’t mention January 6. Again, the biggest investigation, not one time in your 14 page testimony, you don’t mention it one time. And that makes me ask myself the question, what the hell are you hiding? Sir, you mentioned 38,000 agents and support personnel in your agency. How many FBI agents and support personnel have you assigned to the January 6 investigation?

Chris Wray: I don’t know that. I know the number. I know we have a lot of people working on it.

Nehls: Fair enough. Knowing that you are dealing with some of the sickest people in our society with investigations related to child sex trafficking, have you reassigned any of these agents or personnel to investigate January 6, yes or no?

Wray: I don’t believe we have reassigned people away from child exploitation.

Nehls: Let me just say this, Director. I find that disturbing. Because last month, Steve Friend, he testified before the Weaponization Committee. Mr. Friend was a domestic terrorist investigator for you, and he was told by one of his superiors that January 6 was, I quote, a higher priority than pursuing child pornography cases. End quote. And for those of you watching in America, understand today’s FBI is more concerned about searching for and arresting Grandma and Grandpa for entering the Capitol building that day than pursuing the sick individuals in our society who prey on our children. And, Mr. Ray, your priorities are flawed, but let’s rehash what we know so far, all right? It’s the largest investigation in FBI history, and you don’t mention it in your testimony. Agents have been reassigned from child exploitation cases and so on.

Nehls then went on to batter Chris Wray on Ray Epps. Wray and the FBI continue to lie about Ray Epps and his actions on January 6.

Rep. Troy Nehls: There he is breaching the line going in at the first breach into the capital into the Capitol grounds of restricted area. Mr. Ray you have arrested hundreds of people related to January 6 and there have been people arrested for breaching Capitol grounds. Couy Girffin is an example. Raechel Genco is an example. And then we go to Mr. Brandon Straka. Brandon was arrested for disorderly and destructive conduct which included yelling, I quote go, go as rioters tried to empty the Capitol. These three never went into the Capitol, they never assaulted anyone. So let’s be honest with each other. There is very little difference between the actions of Ray Epps and Brandon Straka that day. But yet StrickA was arrested and EPS wasn’t. Epps also testified to the January 6 committee. He was back at his hotel when video Evans showed that he wasn’t. He lied. He was on the Capitol grounds just as Brandon Strecker was. EPS even texted his nephew at 02:12 p.m. And said I quote I was in the front with a few others. It was on the video. I also orchestrated it. Now look into the camera sir when you answer my next question. Are you going to arrest Mr. Epps, yes or no?

Chris Wray:  I’m not going to engage here in a discussion about individual people who are or not.

Rep. Troy Nehs:  You just watched the video. I’m an old law dog. I understand a little bit about probable cause. He did, there was very little difference in what he did and Mr. Straka. You can see him. He’s encouraging. I almost think he’s inciting a riot. He’s encouraging people the night prior to go into the Capitol. The day of to go into the Capitol and he was at the first breach and he breached the restricted area. Everybody a lot of people getting arrested for not going into the Capitol but they’re in the restricted area. But yet raps who many people feel fed. Fed. Fed right. And there’s a lot of cloud over there. So my point is this. You arrested a lot of folks for unlawful activity. You just saw the video and I will tell you if you don’t arrest Mr there’s a reason behind it. I believe you know what it is and it appears to me you are protecting this guy. I strongly recommend you get your house back in order. With that, I yield back.

Rep. Nehls’ final remarks to Chris Wray, “Shame on you!”

This was a devastating interrogation.

Chris Wray got caught.

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