Woman Who Killed Rapist in Self Defense Sentenced To 6 Years in Prison

A Mexican woman who killed her rapist in self-defense in 2021 was sentenced on Tuesday to more than six years in prison.

SIX YEARS for defending herself against a man who attacked and raped her. That is INSANE.

On Monday, a Mexican state court ruled that 23-year-old Roxana Ruiz was guilty of homicide with an “excessive use of legitimate defense.”

As if to rub salt in the would, she was also ordered to pay the family of her rapist more than $16,000 in reparations. A ruling that her legal team has vowed to appeal, according to The Associated Press (AP).

“It would be a bad precedent if this sentence were to hold. It’s sending the message to women that, you know what, the law says you can defend yourself, but only to a point,” said her defense lawyer, Ángel Carrera. “He raped you, but you don’t have the right to do anything.”

Daily Caller reports:

After meeting her attacker in May 2021, Ruiz agreed to allow him to sleep on a mattress on the floor after he had walked her home and complained about the late hour. While she slept, the man entered her room, tore off her clothes, raped her and threatened to kill her, her defense lawyers claim, according to The AP. Ruiz fought back, striking her attacker in the nose and eventually killing him.

“I regret what I did, but if I hadn’t done it I would be dead today,” Ruiz reportedly told The AP.

Ruiz was arrested after police discovered her dragging her attacker’s body into the street outside of her home. When Ruiz told officers she had been raped, one reportedly responded that she had probably wanted to have sex with the man and then changed her mind, according to The AP. A forensic exam was never ordered for Ruiz, but despite its absence the court conceded she had been raped, but stated “hitting the man in the head” would have been enough to defend herself against his actions, The AP reported.

“When a woman defends herself, the system is particularly efficient in processing and sentencing her without taking into consideration the conditions in which she killed the man,” Angelica Ospina, gender fellow for International Crisis Group in Mexico, told The AP. Ospina added the Ruiz’s sentence will only serve to encourage abusers and discourage women from defending themselves or reporting gender-based violence. 

“It’s evident that the state wants to shut us up, wants us to be submissive, wants us closed up inside, wants us dead,” Ruiz said, adding that she hopes she is able to watch her 4-year-old son grow up.

Unless there is more to the story that has not been revealed yet, fact that she is serving any time at all for defending herself from a man who could have likely killed her during the attack is mind blowing.

These are the types of “fine” men freely crossing our southern border into the United States, welcomed with open arms by President Joe Biden and his goonies.

One thought on “Woman Who Killed Rapist in Self Defense Sentenced To 6 Years in Prison

  1. Elizabeth May 22, 2023 at 3:25 pm

    I am horrified and disgusted by the treatment accorded to this young survivor of rape and attempted murder. She defended herself – for that, she gets six years in prison and an impossible, outrageous financial penalty to be paid to the family that nurtured this rapist? Who on earth was the prosecuting attorney and the judge? Perhaps THEIR past involved rape and attempted murder? These ‘law’ enforcers should be taught a lesson that they will.never forget…..jail with rapists


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